Sierra Ranch raises over 25,000 pheasants a year and is a major supplier to game ranches throughout the United States.

ABOUT RING NECK PHEASANTS: Habitat: Fertile cropland and cultivated grain fields interspersed with fallow weed lots, pastures, small wetlands, and occasional woody areas with underbrush.

Weight: Up to five pounds

Length: 36 inches or more

Food: Adult ring-necked pheasants feed primarily upon waste grains, weed seeds, soft mash, and insects which are located by scratching. Harsh winter conditions can make food gathering activities difficult for these ground feeding birds.

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Interesting Facts: The ring-neck pheasant is well adapted for life on the ground and will take to flight only when there is no other means of escape. Powerful leg muscles enable this beautiful game bird to swiftly retreat to cover, taking 18 to 24-inch strides. When threatened, a pheasant will burst into flight with a rapid flurry of short wing beats, rise a short distance, lock its wings, and glide into protective cover. Upon landing, a few quick strides will usually complete the escape. A hardy, wily, game bird, the pheasant possesses keen survival instincts and an uncanny ability to escape; these attributes make it a favorite quarry among sportsmen.

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