Sierra Fortune Wing Quiver

sire: Mystic Rose Pass The Buck 500 – 32.00”
dam: Sierra Stetsons Wings – 32.50”
dob: 4/28/16
color: Black & White Pinto


Quiver is a show stopper. Her sire is a World Champion Top 10 stallion with Rowdy, Fortune 500 and Top Banana behind him. Her dam is a producer of Champion driving horses. Quiver was bred to be a performance horse with lots of talent and beauty. Her flashy color lets her stand out in a crowd. She has a sweet and willing disposition. A lucky person will get this filly.

Sierra Fortune Star of Kahoots

sire: Mystic Rose Pass The Buck 500 32.00"
dam: Sierra Phoenix In Ka Hoots 31.50"
dob: 3/24/16
color: Black with Star


We think this filly is going to turn solid black with a white star. She is refine and up-headed. She is pretty to watch move around the pasture. She is graceful, has a playful attitude and loves people. A real sweet addition to your family.

Sierra Phoenix Enchanted

sire: Sierras Gold Phoenix 33.00"
dam: Sierras HR Ebony Ember 30.50"
dob: 5/4/14
color: Silver Buckskin


This filly has royalty in her blood. Her great-grandsire, Little Kings Napoleon, was 3 time winner of Get of Sire at the World Show. Her grandsire was Western Regional Liberty Champion. We feel this filly will be able to go in all directions in the show ring-halter and performance. She is elegant and has an enchanting personality. This filly is a real winner. Anyone would be proud to own her.

Sierra Fortunes Windy

sire: Mystic Rose Pass The Buck 500 32.00"
dam: Sierra Golds Dances With Wind 28.50"
dob: 4/13/16
color: Palomino



Windy is so tiny she looks like a stuffed animal. She is as cute as they come, absolutely adorable. Windy is for someone wanting a true miniature horse companion. She is going to stay small and precious. She needs to go to a family that wants a small bundle of joy to love.